Our Team

Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Atascazoo Animal Hospital in Humble! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Please call us at 281-852-8398 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!


  • Gretchen Jensen, DVM

    General practitioner Dr. Gretchen Jensen has cared for pets at Atascazoo Animal Hospital…
  • Rene Batra, DVM

    Dr. Renee Batra has cared for pets at Atascazoo Animal Hospital since 1991. Dr. Batra was…
  • Heather Madigan, DVM

    Native to Round Rock, Texas, Dr. Heather Madigan has cared for pets at Atascazoo Animal…
  • Sharon Kiker-Henderson, DVM

    Dr. Sharon Kiker-Henderson has retired. We may get to see her once in a while for relief…
  • Deborah Ludlow, DVM

    A general veterinary practitioner, Dr. Deborah Ludlow has cared for pets at Atascazoo…
  • Maegan Ramos, DVM

  • Robin Jones, DVM

    Dr. Robin Jones is our newestteam member as she recently graduated from Texas A&M College…

    Production Manager

  • Carmen

    Production Manager

    Carmen joined the Atascazoo staff in 2003 as a veterinary technician. Prior to working…

    Reception Manager

  • Ashley F

    Reception Manager

    Facilities Manager

  • Mark

    Facilities Manager

    Facilities Manager Mark has worked full time at Atascazoo Animal Hospital since 2006. He…

    Finance Manager

  • Don

    Finance Manager