Pet Wellness Care

Located in Humble, Texas, Atascazoo Animal Hospital provides full-service veterinary care for dogs and cats. At Atascazoo Animal Hospital, your pet has access to veterinary diagnostics, including x-rays and ultrasound, advanced surgical procedures, and preventive pet medicine, including wellness examinations and vaccinations. Atascazoo Animal Hospital also offers full-service boarding for pets.

Regular Exams

Regular, thorough physical examinations are key to maintaining your pet’s health. Examinations are critical to the care of all animals, young and old, and give us the opportunity to help you better care for your pet. Because young animals change rapidly, our veterinarians perform complete examinations at each puppy or kitten visits. We recommend annual physicals for mature pets and semi-annual physicals for senior pets. Don’t forget – pets age faster than people do! Your pet’s health can change rapidly in just a few months.
Your pet’s wellness exam is scheduled for 30 minutes. This allows time for the doctor to perform a thorough examination of your pet. During this exam, we advise you on all aspects of your pet’s care, including nutrition and behavior. We tailor your pet’s immunization program according to his or her lifestyle. At this time, we also discuss recommended procedures such as dental prophylaxis or diagnostic monitoring.

Feline Medicine

Atascazoo Animal Hospital provides health care management that is specifically designed for your faithful feline’s needs. Our veterinarians and staff understand the special healthcare requirements of your cat and work closely with you to create a health care program that keeps your feline friend healthy and happy.

Senior Pet Care

Your pet enters his or her “senior years” around seven or eight years of age. Older pets have healthcare needs that are much different than young pets. Senior pets face increased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other age-related conditions. Preventive care is essential to keeping older pets healthy; early detection results in faster treatment and better overall health for your pet.
Atascazoo Animal Hospital provides extensive diagnostic evaluations for your older pet, including EKG, urinalysis, CBC, blood chemistries and thyroid testing. We work with you to develop a health plan that fits your senior pet’s lifestyle.

Nutritional Counseling

Whether your pet has special dietary requirements or simply needs to shed a few pounds, Atascazoo Animal Hospital can help. Benefits of nutritional counseling include weight loss, increased energy levels and a healthier lifestyle. Ask us today about nutritional counseling for your pet.

Pet Dermatology

Pets have allergies, too! Itching, scratching, and hot spots are all signs of allergies and skin conditions in pets. Allergies to pollen, dust and fleas are all very common and treatable. No matter what your pet’s skin condition, he or she receives expert veterinary dermatological care at Atascazoo Animal Hospital. Special tests are used to identify the cause of your pet’s skin condition and establish a treatment plan.


ID tags and collars are an essential part of pet identification, but is your pet microchipped? Millions of pets are lost each year and a microchip is a safe, easy way to prevent this tragedy. Implanted beneath your pet’s skin in a procedure similar to a vaccination, a microchip contains unique information about your pet. Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters across the country are equipped with special scanners capable of detecting and reading microchips. If your pet goes missing, his or her microchip is scanned and the information it contains is used to reunite you and your best friend. Atascazoo Animal Hospital uses the Pet-Link Datamars Microchip. This system allows us to read microchips from other manufacturers as well. Please ask a staff member for details about microchipping your pet today.